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    The Future of Learning is Agile & Outcomes Oriented


Agile is a term being used in a variety of situations, and often incorrectly. To a rare few, being Agile means the whole package from Scrum master to sprints with incredible results. To most, being Agile means picking the flexibility of Agile without the rigor often resulting in frustration and missed outcomes. In this session we will discuss how to apply an Agile methodology to three different facets in Learning and Development: a learning team, a training rollout and the design and development process.

At the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • What Agile is, and more importantly what it is not
  • How to apply Agile to your internal learning team
  • What an Agile training roll out looks like
  • How to successfully implement Agile into your design and development process
  • When to NOT go Agile

Featured Speaker:

Sheri Weppel

Sheri Weppel – is a VP of Workforce Performance, Infopro Learning. She started her career as a middle school art teacher, but then quickly moved to adult learning finally growing tired of paint-spattered clothes. She has more than 15 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering interactive computer-based and web-based learning modules. Her role is to ensure customer success through excellence in account management, standardization of governance and tools, and innovation in learning experiences.

Sheri has spent much of her career in school earning a BS in art education, an MS in instructional design, and an MS in learning sciences and technology with a focus in gaming for instruction at Lehigh University. Later she received two certificates from Cornell University in Change Management and Business Strategy which she is able to leverage every day for her customers. She does still occasionally spatter paint as a hobby and enjoys running and playing with her dog Abby.

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