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    The Future of Leadership Development

Is it time to radically rethink how we lead?

Covid-19 has transformed the way workplaces operate – possibly forever – but what does that actually mean? If 2022 turns out to be a year of recovery and a “return to normal,” what would be the implications? And how will this paradigm shift impact leaders and their roles?

Based on interactions with 3200+ Global leaders, Dan Rust is here to put light on key insights, recommendations and predictions in leadership development in 2022 and beyond. From AI to mental health & well-being and from cultivating employee engagement to managing remote/hybrid teams, Dan will cover a broad range of issues, focusing on how leadership development will take new forms over time.

“There is no question that the model of a high-performing leader is evolving, some of that evolution is subtle, some of it is counter-intuitive, and some of it is frustrating for traditional business leaders.”, says Dan while taking about faster evolution of leadership models. This webinar is designed to help you understand and navigate the new world of leadership development.


Dan Rust

Dan Rust – Head of Global Leadership and Organizational Development Infopro Learning

Dan Rust is the head of Infopro Learning leadership development practice. He has more than 30 years of experience as a corporate learning leader, driving employee engagement and leadership development initiatives for numerous businesses including GE, Disney Interactive, Bright Horizons, Singapore Airlines and Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Dan is the bestselling author of “Workplace Poker” (published by HarperCollins) and writes regularly for several publications on the topics of leadership and employee engagement.

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