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    Retain Your Top Talent by Strengthening Your High-potential Programs

    Get actionable insights about the challenges faced by organizations in retaining top talent and guidelines to overcome them


Today’s business need leaders who exercise wisdom, challenge the status quo, and envision the complex interdependence of systems and stakeholders. More than 70% organizations do not believe that they have the leaders to tackle future business challenges. This is a huge risk for CEOs and they are looking at talent development professionals to find a solution for this.

This webinar replay will help you gain insights into the challenges faced by organizations in retaining the top talent and understand the practical guidelines and tools to overcome them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn techniques for:

  • Using agile approach to identify the right pool of talent with the right skills
  • Retooling your high-potential program in the era of digital disruption
  • Focusing the development journey on future leadership requirements
  • Placing high potentials in opportunities for challenges and failures
  • Gaining authentic and sustainable executive sponsorship
  • Ensuring shared ownership of the process

Featured speaker:


Kathy Sherwood has over 30 years of experience in corporate training. She has worked with large organizations across the globe to create best-in-class leadership solutions. As the Vice President of Leadership and Organizational Development at Infopro Learning, Kathy leads the creation of new leadership programs that are designed to overcome the greatest challenges facing organizations.


Jim Caruso, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development at Infopro Learning, has played an integral role in virtually every facet of workforce development ranging from corporate training to instructional design and program direction. He uses his diverse experience of over 20 years to spearhead efforts to transform the way companies approach organizational development through blended technologies, people and processes.

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