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    Modernize for Engagement: 5 Steps for Breathing Life Into Stale Content

    Learn how to maximize your investments in elearning


The average Global 1000 company invests $18 million on its training portfolio. Yet, we know that employees spend less than 1% of their time at work dedicated to learning and development. The rate of technological evolution and the demand on employees today has changed the very fundamentals of how people learn and how they engage with content.

Join Chief Learning Architect Arun Prakash in this webinar replay, which will guide you through practical steps on how to modernize your learning content. With more than two decades of learning industry experience, Arun to learn how update your programs and extend the value of your investments.

You’ll learn:

  • Why every company needs to modernize
  • 5 practical steps for modernizing old learning content
  • How to develop content modernization projects

Featured speaker:

Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash is a seasoned learning specialist with more than 20 years of experience, and an expert in envisaging and implementing out-of-the-box training solutions, collaborative learning networks, and knowledge management systems. He is responsible for understanding the business goals of clients, and subsequently aligning the goals with measurable learning outcomes and learning solutions.

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