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    How L&D can Create a High-Performing Agile Workforce

Agility, in corporate context, is the ability to change the ways of doing business quickly and seamlessly in response to unforeseen business environments. As per a report by Deloitte, roughly 10,000 executives across the globe said speed and agility were far more important to them than being efficient. During times of disruption, L&D can reinvent themselves as influencers and enablers of agility for its workforce. Rather than being a service function that merely fulfils training requirements, L&D teams can proactively become drivers of cultural change and partner from a strategic and valuable standpoint. 

Join us for this session to know how L&D department can be a frontrunner in providing its one-of-a-kind support to successfully navigate workforce transformation. Find out how to develop metrics to quantify time taken to develop agile and help create a culture where agile work adoption is a key performance indicate.

At the end of this webinar, you will have good understanding of

  • What is an Agile Learning Culture and why do you need one
  • How to align business outcomes with workforce agility
  • The ‘exact’ meaning of ‘business agility’ for L&D teams
  • What benefits teams can get from an agile L&D program

Featured speaker:

Rob Lauber, Founder, XLO Global | Ex-CLO, McDonald’s
An industry veteran who has worked up the corporate ladder from L&D Manager and Director of Learning Services to CLO of one of the world’s most iconic brands, McDonald’s Corporation, Cingular Wireless, and Yum. He now leads XLO Global, a consultancy and advising firm focused on driving strategic value for businesses and workforce development initiatives.

Nolan Hout, Vice President, Infopro Learning
A seasoned marketing expert with extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, including strategy, digital marketing, and more. He spends most of his time in the L&D industry conducting marketing research to identify the most critical challenges. He leverages this data to create cutting-edge learning solutions that boost business performance and ROI.

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