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    Building a Remote-First Learning Ecosystem

With 50% of the workforce planning to never return to the office, it creates a significant challenge for developing this talent.

In-person training is great, but with the added travel cost on top of an already expensive training program, relying on training people in-person has become too much of a strain on the bottom line for many organizations. And let’s not forget many people don’t want to go to the office for any reason, let alone for training.

Creating learning programs with a remote-first mindset is the answer to these challenges. Instead of taking a traditional training program and finding a way to “make it work” for remote employees, you start designing all training programs for a virtual environment as the primary delivery method. This is easier said that done.

To help you understand how to create a remote-first learning ecosystem, we encourage to join our session to learn:

  • Differences between remote-first vs. traditional training programs
  • Pros and cons of a remote-first learning ecosystem
  • How to create a remote-first learning ecosystem

Featured Speaker:

Sheri Weppel

Sheri Weppel – is a VP of Workforce Performance, Infopro Learning. She started her career as a middle school art teacher, but then quickly moved to adult learning finally growing tired of paint-spattered clothes. She has more than 15 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering interactive computer-based and web-based learning modules. Her role is to ensure customer success through excellence in account management, standardization of governance and tools, and innovation in learning experiences.

Sheri has spent much of her career in school earning a BS in art education, an MS in instructional design, and an MS in learning sciences and technology with a focus in gaming for instruction at Lehigh University. Later she received two certificates from Cornell University in Change Management and Business Strategy which she is able to leverage every day for her customers. She does still occasionally spatter paint as a hobby and enjoys running and playing with her dog Abby.

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