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    Aligning L&D with Business Goals: An Outcomes-based Approach


Measuring the return on investment for any activity is the most important metric for any business. It is the same for Learning & Development. Training the workforce helps them understand the business better and eventually support the organization to achieve it’s goals by leveraging the knowledge they gain during the process. But one thing that needs to be measured and highlighted is the Outcome associated with it.

To assess the outcome of learning, the purpose of conducting a training activity needs to be addressed – what results does the business wish to achieve out of that process. The best approach to this is to begin from the end – that is identify needs of the business, align activities that are required to be undertaken, look for a result-oriented tactic that directly affects the performance of the workforce.

In this insightful webinar, we will be discussing about how the training program improves sales, decreases the overall cost, reduces time-to-proficiency and increases productivity. Join us to learn more about –

  • How L&D activities can be linked with defining business outcomes and made accountable
  • Tangible metrics that measure performance to achieve ROI
  • Identify leading indicators that define skills and competencies
  • L&D activities with a time-bound approach that address skill-gaps

Featured Speaker:

Scott Margason

Scott Margason – Executive Vice President of Client Success, Infopro Learning
Scott is a seasoned professional passionate about education and helping organizations reach their potential. His approach includes leadership through purpose, vision, and mission. Scott has been a pinnacle in delivering executive coaching to develop an uncommon perspective to global clients, supported by diligent preparation, courageous decision making to enable outstanding and sustainable results.


Nolan Hout – Vice President of Marketing, Infopro Learning
Nolan started the marketing efforts for Infopro Learning and spends majority of his time performing research in the L&D industry to help understand the most common and pressing challenges of the industry. He uses this information to help formulate cutting-edge learning solutions that are designed to maximize business performance and return on investment made.

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