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    Understanding the Basics of a Mobisode

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is one of the most popular topics in the L&D industry, but it certainly is not anything new. InfoPro Learning has been creating mobile learning solutions for more than 10 years, starting with the development of learning content to be consumed on the Palm Pilot. Back then, devices were not readily connected to the internet and virtually no company had a BYOD environment. It is a stark contrast to the mobile environment we have today.

The mobile learning environment today is as complex, as it is dynamic. Data is being transmitted faster than ever, through networks that are larger than ever, on devices that are smarter than ever. This has created serious challenges for L&D professionals trying to keep pace.

As an answer to this dynamic environment, InfoPro Learning invented the Mobisode for mobile learning. In the video above, you will learn more about the challenges that led InfoPro Learning to create a Mobisode, the definition of a Mobisode, and most importantly, how you can create a Mobisode using the resources within your own company.


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