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    5 Questions that Your High-potential Leadership Programs Must Address

In this age of digital disruption, companies are willing to invest significantly in developing high-potential individuals that connect company’s culture across job levels, functions and geographical locations to achieve the business results that matter most.

Success in leadership roles requires a combination of foundational and context-specific capabilities. If a HIPO program is a strategically aligned succession plan, the result is going to be a highly productive development program for training leaders that aim to be directly mapped with the current and future goals of the organization.

Your High-Potential Leadership Program must address the following concerns to weave a thriving future development path:

  • Why are HIPO programs important to companies now?
  • What can we do to attract and retain future leaders?
  • What makes someone a high potential?
  • What makes a successful High Potential Leadership Program?
  • What skills are needed for the future of work?

Listen to Kathy Sherwood, Vice President of Leadership and Organizational Development at Infopro Learning, and Jim Caruso, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development at Infopro Learning, highlighting the need of creating a successful development program for accurate and consistent HIPO identification and retention.


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