Unlock Potential Via Training Delivery Solutions

We support the learning departments of hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations with on-demand training delivery solutions (for onsite or virtual trainings), as well as providing learning support services to handle the myriad of details for our clients’ training programs.

We can deliver your training materials, provide off-the-shelf materials or build it from scratch. Infopro Learning offers a global talent network of trainers and facilitators specializing in delivering training onsite or virtually.

We, at Infopro Learning are committed towards improving training effectiveness, mitigating costs, and accelerating business outcomes for our clients. Our training delivery services are focused towards reducing the efforts of in-house L&D teams and amplifying agility while reducing the overall cost of the engagement. To cater to the most important business aspects of our clients and partners, we focus on saving their time in L&D efforts so that they can emphasis on more crucial business requirements.

What We Deliver

Our training delivery solutions are tailor-made basis customers’ pain points that address the challenges faced by them in the global markets and help them to be more competitive and agile.

01. Technology Training

Keep your workforce up-to-date with the latest technology trends and platforms to boost their productivity and efficiency. Infopro Learning has the widest range of learning solutions to choose from that can fit the bill for your technology training needs.

02. End-User Applications

Get It right from start to finish. End user application training from InfoPro Learning ensures that your end users are empowered with skills and training which is critical for the business success. Infopro Learning assess your training needs and hone specific strategies needed to develop a robust curriculum for your end users.

03. Professional Development

There is no point in learning unless it works for you. As organizations deal with change and disruption, the front-line managers are expected to lead from the front. Infopro Learning ensures that your managers become leaders of tomorrow by catering to their overall professional development.

04. Leadership Development

Transforming leaders to embrace change and adapt to the new normal, Infopro Learning’s leadership development programme inspires leaders to achieve success. Our evolutionary development model emphasizes the need for leaders to embrace and navigate organizational changes. We provide a roadmap for leaders to focus on priorities to attain success.

05. Sales Training

It is far more difficult to sell your product to informed customers of today because they come to the table prepared to ask difficult questions and demand that your sales team provides a convincing answer. To succeed in this market, sales teams and channel partners need consistency in sales training that helps them adapt to the ever-changing products, customers, and competition.

06. HR and Compliance

Infopro Learning provides comprehensive training in HR, risk, and regulatory compliance across industries and organizations ensuring your workforce and end-users are up-to-date and possess the necessary skills to maintain a culture of compliance at your workplace.

07. Off-the-Shelf & Proprietary Courses

Organizations need custom content to train their workforce. Infopro Learning provides off-the-shelf and proprietary courses that have been pre-designed internally and by our partners. It’s readily available and can be deployed as per your requirements.

08. Custom Topics Product Training

Every business has its own unique requirements when it come to training their workforce. One can leverage Infopro Learning’s custom topics product training to meet their custom requirements. It’s completely flexible and can be modified as per your unique requirements.

How We Deliver

Infopro Learning’s training solutions enable you to extend your organization's capabilities to deliver
transformational learning -- quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
    Even when most of the trainings are being conducted virtually, the need for Instructor-Led Trainings persists – either in the format of stand-alone sessions or as a part of a blended learning strategy. Our ILT training session are led by experienced instructors, with interactivities like polling, Q&A sessions, role-plays, chat, and breakout sessions.
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)
    Infopro Learning supports virtual training events in many ways. From converting existing ILT training to virtual sessions, to setting up the required technology for virtual training delivery, as well as providing the instructor to deliver the training content in a virtual environment – we offer it all.
  • Train-the-TrainerTrain-the-Trainer
    We provide training for instructors and facilitators, helping our clients certify or upskill their in-house resources. Infopro Learning’s train-the-trainer sessions are led by master trainers. The TAT sessions include training content walkthrough, features and functionality of virtual training platforms as well as a background on client culture, mission, vision, purpose and so on.
  • Blended Learning Blended Learning
    Often the best training solutions are those that are a blend of online and face-to-face learning. Our blended learning solutions help engage learners and provides just-in-time support materials needed to increase knowledge application. Blended learning also proves to be cost-effective, removing location restrictions and eliminating travel costs.
  • Mentoring and CoachingMentoring and Coaching
    Infopro Learning’s mentoring and coaching offering is available both in both face-to-face as well as virtual format. We offer effective mentoring and coaching that helps organizational leaders align their team members towards the right business goals, values, culture, and overall strategy.
  • Help Desk Help Desk
    Infopro Learning provides support services to make sure that L&D endeavors can be made successful. The help desk provides support, with a short turnaround time to ensure that queries and clarifications are handled efficiently. Be it for a newly launched learning management system or a stand-alone technology-aided platform, the help desk makes sure that learning is seamless and effective.
  • AI-Chatbot  AI Chatbot
    Today's workforce expects an employee experience that empowers them to perform their best and guide their own career paths. Our AI chatbot for employee learning and development, fast-tracks employee productivity, builds organizational bench strength, and decreases the administration burden on L&D leaders.

How We Support

Unlocking the potential of your workforce can be challenging. Infopro Learning offers unlimited access to training delivery solutions that you can source on-demand.

Business Transformation

Talent Recognition and Employee Development Program

Assisted a Fortune 500 company by delivering compelling learning experience to increase employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and establish relevance.

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