This program introduces participants to a hands-on planning process that helps them prioritize and select activities to achieve business goals and outcomes. Participants receive tips and techniques for effectively managing their time and learn to create plans that focus on organizational goals and their customers' perspectives. The program provides multiple opportunities to apply planning and execution tools to individual work tasks as well as large group projects.

Course Goals:
  • Prioritize tasks in line with your organization’s strategies, goals and timelines.
  • Learn to leverage resources and capabilities to plan activities for yourself and your teams effectively.
  • Understand the 4C’s of foolproof execution of plans.
    • Diverse instructional methodologies that appeal to adult learning styles are incorporated into this program. This workshop includes pre-work assignments, facilitated discussions, case studies, individual and small-group work, and other tools to assist participants in applying learning to their work environment.

Business Impact

Leaders and employees are better equipped to make productive choices and decisions regarding allocation of time and resources.

Projects/tasks are more likely to always be completed on time (and on budget) because of proper time/resource allocation.

Improved efficiency by employing new approaches to project planning and time/resource allocation.

Fewer mistakes and errors caused by rushing through the final stages of projects that are late or delayed.

Productivity is optimized when everyone can be counted on to contribute to a project in the agreed upon timeline.

Participants acquire a new set of planning and execution tools to leverage for day-to-day tasks and large group projects.

Learning Journey


  • Questionnaire
  • Self-Assessment
  • 'Using Time Wisely' Video, 2 minutes
  • Meeting with Your Manager


Leveraging Time
  • Obstacles to Planning
  • Getting Results Model
  • Prioritizing day-to-day
Planning for Success
  • Planning Beyond Charts
  • The Four-Step Planning Process
Intersession Activity**
Planning for Success (Contd.)
  • Selection Criteria​
  • ​Eisenhower Work Management Matrix
  • Work Management Plan​
  • ​Case Study – Breakout Group
  • ​Creating Your Own Work Management Plan
Intersession Activity**
Execution Strategies
  • The 4 C’s of Effective Execution
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Course Correction
  • Continuous Learning
  • Practice Course Corrections


  • Action Planning
  • Video: Eisenhower Matrix
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *

Learning Objectives

Experienced Facilitators

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