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    Harnessing People Power to Energize the Learning Cycle


As organizations look to scale business performance and growth, many L&D leaders have made the move to e-learning courses as a means to reduce cost and increase access to training opportunities across their workforce.

This shift has yielded dramatic results; what once used to take weeks can now be accomplished in an hour, but it has created a new set of challenges. Research shows that L&D is focused too little on helping people apply their learning and sustain behavior change in the workplace. Less than half of L&D organizations measure the impact and success of learning, less than one-third support learners applying their newly acquired knowledge on the job.

To ensure the long-term success of any e-learning program, L&D needs to strategically invest in the coaching skills of their managers and prime the pipeline of mentoring skills for all employees.

Download this research report top HR analysts, the Fosway Group, to learn:

  • How your current programs support a holistic learning experience
  • Where your peers in L&D are missing the mark and how consistent reporting can help you identify your pain points
  • Expert strategies for building a continuous learning experience through e-learning, application, coaching and mentoring

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