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    Building an Effective Operating Model for Digital Learning

    Practical steps for a successful digital learning team


According to recent research by Fosway Group, 66% of organizations report that their approach to digital learning is immature and many face a steep learning curve in setting up an effective operation. To make digital learning truly effective in the corporate scenario, is it a wise decision to build expertise in-house or go the outsourcing route?

In this paper, Infopro Learning in association with Fosway Group, shares practical steps you can follow to make more effective choices around becoming a successful digital learning team.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why is it important to create an Effective Operation Model for Digital Learning?
  • Understanding the Digital Learning Lifecycle
  • How can outsourcing help create effective digital learning?
  • How to build the perfect digital learning operating model?


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Learn How to Create the perfect digital learning operating model


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