Learner engagement is at the heart of every successful learning endeavor and Gamification is a powerful strategy that helps create online training that is challenging, engaging, and memorable. By adding gamification elements to the learning strategy, you can create training that is more effective and helps employees perform better in real-life work environment. While gamification elements can be woven within e-learning courses, they are also a powerful feature within a LMS platform.

With the proven success of Gamification LMS for Corporate training, eLearning Industry’s Top Gamification LMS list for 2020 highlights top LMS software with the most innovative Gamification features.

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Infopro Learning’s GnosisConnect LMS has been included on the prestigious list, listed among the best Gamifications LMS systems with features that appeal to the modern corporate learner. With features that enhance learner engagement through Gamification, GnosisConnect LMS is also mobile-ready to help learners access gamified learning on-the-go. View the entire list here.

Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash, Product Owner of GnosisConnect LMS celebrates the win, “We strongly believe that nothing impacts the ROI of training programs more than consumption. Gamification is a crucial element to make sure that the training is engaging, and consumption is maximized. GnosisConnect LMS has a flexible structure, that helps us create Gamified learning solutions to match varied learner profiles. Our intuitive and clutter free interface makes sure that we can integrate suitable gamification elements seamlessly into the learning journey of the corporate learner – with badges, leaderboards and more. With our inclusion in eLearning Industry’s Top Gamification LMS list, we are determined to continue innovating and creating LMS solutions that bring in learner engagement as well as business benefits.”

About Infopro Learning:

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