Infopro Learning was awarded a multi-year managed learning services contract by implementing a pay-for-performance model that rewards them on their ability to get learners to consume training content.Infopro Learning is excited to announce a new partnership with a Fortune 500 Life Sciences company. In a competitive bidding process, they were selected as the finalist for the multi-year managed learning services project. Infopro Learning has taken a unique approach, deciding to forego the traditional outsourcing model in favor of a pay for performance model. In this model, Infopro Learning will help market the courses to the internal audience and will be rewarded only when content is consumed.In a statement from the President of Infopro Learning, Sriraj Mallick said; “We have been evangelizing with CLOs and Industry Partners about the need for L&D to draw a strong connection to business improvement, and in this contract, we are sharing that burden in a big way with our customer. If they win, we win. If they lose, we lose.”The specifics of the contract have not been made public knowledge, but the training program is focused on improving the leadership skills and general professional development for a team of over 10,000 employees, located across the US, Europe and Asian offices. Infopro Learning will manage the end-to-end content production, delivery, trainer administration and facilitation for the entire program. Marketing support will also be included in the contract, where Infopro Learning is going to be measured by their ability to get people to register and consume training programs.If you would like to learn more about this story, please submit a request to About Infopro Learning:Infopro’s mission is to enable performance transformation by delivering modern learning experiences with improved operational efficiencies. A full-service L&D outsourcing company, Infopro Learning partners with major corporations all over the world to create stunning learning experiences across any platform; including mobile, tablet, PC, and classrooms.