Infopro Learning, a leading provider in corporate training outsourcing and human capital transformation, is proud to announce the launch of Studio on Demand, a groundbreaking business model that transforms the way Learning and Development (L&D) organizations can leverage outsourcing partners to drive learning outcomes.

Traditionally, L&D organizations have been constrained by legacy, fixed operational models that do not provision for the ability and speed that businesses need. By contrast, Studio on Demand allows L&D teams to scale high-value, high-impact services quickly, depending on their specific needs, without requiring separate approvals as needs change and the projects evolve. This fresh approach to L&D outsourcing saves organizations time and money, enabling them to respond more quickly to changing demands.

“Studio on Demand represents a significant leap forward in our engagement operating model,” said Sriraj Mallick, CEO of Infopro Learning. “Our unique engagement operating model offers immediate access to varied skills and capabilities while optimizing client expenses. Studio on Demand accelerates speed of delivery by over 50%, allowing L&D teams to effortlessly scale initiatives up or down with the necessary flexibility to meet evolving requirements.”

The key benefits of Studio on Demand include:

  • Immediate access to Infopro Learning’s resources: L&D teams gain immediate access to Infopro Learning’s extensive pool of expert resources, even for brief durations, enabling smooth project execution without delays.
  • Cost savings: With Studio on Demand, organizations only pay for the services they utilize, resulting in significant cost savings and optimal utilization of their L&D budgets.
  • Scalability: The flexibility offered by Studio on Demand allows organizations to scale their initiatives up or down quickly. As demand increases, additional resources can be seamlessly added. Conversely, teams can instantly adjust their workforce if demand declines, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Enhanced project outcomes: By leveraging Studio on Demand, organizations can tap into premium services as needed, ensuring that their projects are delivered with the utmost quality and impact.

To learn more about Studio on Demand and discover how this innovative solution can revolutionize your organization’s learning and development strategies, sign up to join our ongoing Studio on Demand webinar series:

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