Infopro Learning, a world leader in workforce transformation, is elated to announce that it will be working with one of America’s leading clothing and accessories retailers to build a comprehensive onboarding program for over 80,000 store associates.

The global retailer manages some of the most recognizable brands in the clothing industry. With each brand representing its own identity, they wanted to bring uniformity to the employee experience across each brand, while also establishing greater brand equity for the parent company. The retailer also firmly believes by investing in transforming their people, it will also transform their business with improvements in sales, customer satisfaction, and retention.


Nolan Hout, Vice President, Marketing at Infopro Learning, said, “Along with developing an overall onboarding architecture for the client, we also aimed at improving the culture in the stores and engagement of the employees. It would keep them happy, motivated, and on the job. The actual training program is very future-looking and combines all learning assets, from self-paced e-learning to short microlearning videos and e-learning segments.”

  • Fighting attrition and making employees confident of their choice of working at the store.
  • Making employees’ jobs easier at the store and helping them define what success looks like for their respective roles.
  • Building a training curriculum for employees specific to each store.

The core components of the training program included different modalities that allowed employees to experience what it was like to engage with customers in the store in a simulated environment.

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