Infopro Learning is proud to work with one of the leading global brands in food and beverages industry. The company has always been a forerunner in supporting communities worldwide. As part of its ongoing CSR initiative, it launched a large-scale program to provide economic opportunity to 10 million young people, across the globe. The program is targeted for a large spread of audiences including young farmers, sourcing partners, entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry and more. In addition to providing opportunities around employment as well as employability, the program also aims to fuel entrepreneurship within the farming community. It aims to make farming not only profitable but sustainable, within changing environmental and business dynamics.

The company partnered with Infopro Learning in 2020, to develop a series of highly engaging and informative videos. The video-based learning series spanned varied topics – from understanding climate change, to tips on improving soil quality. Infopro Learning, with over 25+ years of creating impactful learning experiences, came onboard with the right mix of strategy, design, and technology expertise.

Liaising with subject-matter experts within the company, Infopro Learning adopted a video-learning approach that was suitable for audiences of different social, economic, and academic background. With content that was easy to understand, voiceovers were utilized for explaining and reinforcing concepts. Establishing a strong visual appeal, the videos were created with the right mix of recorded footage, stock videos, graphics, and animations.

Following the creation and release of the first set of videos, on popular video content platforms including YouTube and Vimeo, the informative series has already started a steady increase in views and shares across the global community. With almost 70 videos planned within the learning series, the numbers are likely to be on a constant rise from here on. The video learning series has also been successful in classroom or formal learning format as well as for gaining on-the-job knowledge. The videos have been created with design and development tools that ensure that the size of the learning bytes is not a deterrent to their accessibility. Being available on popular video-sharing platforms, the learning videos are accessible on smartphones as well. This gives the unique opportunity to audiences from remote locations to learn and grow as well.


Scott Margason, Executive Vice-President, Client Success at Infopro Learning shares, “In the past decade, there is a definite shift in how we consume learning content – and the shift has surely been towards video-based content. Popular research credits video-based content to increase engagement by almost 50%. With a keen eye on trends and L&D strategies that work for modern corporates, Infopro Learning has a wide repertoire of video-based learning content that aligns to different environments. We are privileged to partner with the leading brand on their global initiative and will continue to direct our expertise in cutting-edge learning design to deliver sustainable knowledge solutions for young audiences worldwide.”

About Infopro Learning:

Infopro Learning is an award-winning workforce transformation company that unlocks the potential of people -employees, clients, and partners. Unlocking the potential of people unleashes higher levels of performance, resulting in outcomes aligned with your company’s strategic objectives. Infopro Learning helps you grow, manage change effectively, and ultimately – transform.
People are a primary source of an organization’s competitive advantage. Over the last 25 years, Infopro Learning has built services and solutions around training, upskilling, and developing people.

As a global leader in talent development and managed learning services, Infopro Learning offers a full- service of solutions that support the entire lifecycle of learning, including strategy, curriculum design, content development, training delivery, learning administration, and talent sourcing. Their digital platforms and global infrastructure enable accelerated realization of the outcomes associated with full-service solutions.

Infopro Learning offers its “unlock” series of innovative leadership and talent development programs designed as a blended learning journey for individual contributors as well as first time, mid-level, and executive leaders. Infopro Learning’s specialized learning solutions are outcomes based and helps organizations improve performance in areas of product adoption, customer education, sales, customer service, IT/ Tech & onboarding.

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