Organizations across the globe have been maintaining a discourse on transformation and change for many years now. But the unprecedented events of 2020 propelled the entire corporate world into a fast-track to digital transformation – in all verticals, including learning and development. While there was always a set of excuses to avoid embracing transformation, the same do not apply any more. Organizational leaders cannot cite budgetary restrictions, lack of digital backbone or minimal technology infrastructure to avoid creating sustainable processes to support their employees – especially within the remote workplace model that most companies have adopted. This is where Training outsourcing can provide the much-needed support. While it helps streamlining training processes it is also a very effective strategy for optimization of training budgets and gaining the ROI of training.

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For the sixth consecutive year, Infopro Learning has been highlighted in Training Industry’s 2021 Top Training Outsourcing Companies. With more than 20 years of rich and varied experience, Infopro Learning creates solutions that help organizations “Unlock Potential” – of their employees, partners as well as stakeholders.


Eric W. Rodgers, Executive Vice-President, Managed Learning Transformation, Infopro Learning shares “Modern organizations need to scale-up in terms of workforce transformation. In alignment with our Purpose to Unlock Potential, we believe that training outsourcing helps our customers unlock their potential to achieve scalability as well as growth with the right L&D strategies and solutions. Training outsourcing takes care of frequent barriers of infrastructure and costs. With more than 25 years of partnering with organizations, the value that Infopro Learning has been able to drive with training outsourcing is a combination of multiple benefits. We have been able to support L&D organizations with strategy that works best for them, the flexibility to “flick-the-button” as per demand for training and a strong approach to measure the overall impact of training. We are elated to be recognized on the prestigious list of top training outsourcing companies of 2021. It is an honor that drives us to look beyond the obvious in terms of L&D and help organizations transform.”

About Infopro Learning:

Infopro Learning is an award-winning workforce transformation company that unlocks the potential of people -employees, clients, and partners. Unlocking the potential of people unleashes higher levels of performance, resulting in outcomes aligned with your company’s strategic objectives. Infopro Learning helps you grow, manage change effectively, and ultimately – transform.

People are a primary source of an organization’s competitive advantage. Over the last 25 years, Infopro Learning has built services and solutions around training, upskilling, and developing people.

As a global leader in talent development and managed learning services, Infopro Learning offers a full- service of solutions that support the entire lifecycle of learning, including strategy, curriculum design, content development, training delivery, learning administration, and talent sourcing. Their digital platforms and global infrastructure enable accelerated realization of the outcomes associated with full-service solutions.

Infopro Learning offers its “unlock” series of innovative leadership and talent development programs designed as a blended learning journey for individual contributors as well as first time, mid-level, and executive leaders. Infopro Learning’s specialized learning solutions are outcomes based and helps organizations improve performance in areas of product adoption, customer education, sales, customer service, IT/ Tech & onboarding.

To learn more about how Infopro Learning can unlock your organization’s potential, please reach out to us at

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