Healthcare and life science industry is driven by huge investments around research and development. With advance in scientific innovation and cutting-edge technology, it is a fast-evolving space where transformation is constant. Healthcare organizations realize that the ROI of investments around training and learning are also at par with, and often even higher than, traditional and other more “tangible” investments.

Infopro Learning supported a leading healthcare products and services company in Europe by creating a multi-layered solution for an enterprise-wide shift around Performance Management and Team development. The organization is a leading name in healthcare products, services, hospital management and nutrition products. With 250,000 plus employees as well as healthcare providers across 4000 clinics around the world, the organization needed a cultural shift to hone focus on performance management.

Starting with a sound learning strategy, Infopro Learning crafted a true-blended learning journey with e-learning as well as instructor-led training workshops, pertinent learning content as well as implemented a themed learning portal for all employees world-wide. For creating the desired impact, we included a variety of learning content from external content resources as well as custom content – simulations, mobile-enabled videos, short graphics enhanced learning nuggets and more. We implemented our proprietary mobile-enabled learning portal as well, to make sure that learning content was accessible to busy health workers, with erratic schedules. The portal was customized according to organizational brand guidelines to make sure that the online learning experience was seamless yet impactful.

In the next phase, Infopro Learning is also supporting the organization with training delivery for leadership development programs for the head nurses across their global clinics. The multi-year initiative is set to roll-out in over 200 countries, aiming to empower the clinicians in leadership roles. In addition to learning content creation as well as conversion and localization of legacy content, Infopro Learning is also creating a sustainable solution for virtual training delivery.


Scott Margason, Executive Vice-President, Client Success at Infopro Learning, shares his insights, “The healthcare industry is a fast-paced environment and L&D has to play a very pivotal role here to make sure that employees are suitably supported for success. Training cannot be a one-off learning activity or sporadic bursts spread across the year. With a sound strategy in place, we were able to support our Client with a learning solution that worked on multiple layers to make sure that the long-term goal of culture change and improving business performance was attainable – not just short-term learning goals.”