Infopro Learning continues to offer Learning Talent Solutions to overcome unfathomable challenges brought on by the pandemic, altering how contemporary workplaces function today. The most pressing issue confronting the corporate sector was to find a balance between employee well-being and efficiency. Businesses had to respond swiftly to the chaotic environment to survive, and those who were able to embrace change thrived.

The L&D talent solutions offered by Infopro Learning enable enterprise teams to scale swiftly with qualified resources from any location and provide highly trained technological professionals on demand. Organizations are turning their attention to the future as the dust settles. They are aware of the need to improve their preparedness by creating more flexible learning methodologies, enhancing the effectiveness of their training, and their capacity to scale up and down quickly enough to handle the crests and troughs they anticipate. Unpredictability makes developing and managing L&D talent in such emergency situations challenging. Here, there is a contradiction between the requirement to maintain or lay off employees, overhead, and budget and the higher and speedier need for training.

Infopro Learning’s L&D talent outsourcing assists businesses in creating a pool of knowledgeable and competent employees available on demand and on a pay-per-use basis. With a network of over 9500+ learning professionals in over 40 countries and 20+ languages, as well as over 300 worldwide suppliers, Infopro Learning helps truncate turnaround times for crucial L&D initiatives by enabling businesses to scale more quickly and making it simpler to forecast demand by matching it with supply in real-time.

Additionally, it helps businesses leverage specialists rather than generalists, which raises the value of the learning program. Organizations can hire virtual trainers, instructional designers, graphic designers, media resources, learning project and program managers, learning architects, LMS administrators, virtual session producers, training coordinators, learning strategists, and more, with customized engagement models for both short-term and long-term talent requirements.

The initiative is being led by Andrea Turner, SVP, Learning Services, at Infopro Learning, who comments, “Many traditional talent models are beginning to fade as demand outstrips supply. It is not only about finding the right person but also about finding someone who values the way they work. As a result of leveraging innovations in remote work and the adoption of gig-based workers, Infopro Learning has created the most flexible talent model in the L&D industry.”

She adds, “In terms of the talent competition, there is more of a “prolonged blind zone” in hiring for technology innovation. The availability of highly qualified professionals from around the globe has never been greater. Finding, attracting, and connecting talent with businesses that need them most is crucial, as is coming up with project opportunities that keep people coming back.”

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning is an award-winning workforce transformation company that unlocks the potential of employees, clients, and partners. Unlocking potential unleashes higher performance levels, resulting in outcomes aligned with your company’s strategic objectives. Infopro Learning helps you grow, manage change effectively, and ultimately – transform.

Over the last 25 years, Infopro Learning has built services and solutions around training, upskilling, and developing people. As a global leader in talent development and managed learning services, Infopro Learning offers full-service solutions that support the entire lifecycle of learning, including strategy, curriculum design, content development, training delivery, learning administration, and talent sourcing. Our digital platforms and global infrastructure enable the accelerated realization of the outcomes associated with full-service solutions.