Infopro Learning is proud to announce the opening of a new sales office in the United Kingdom. This will be their second office in Europe, joining an office in Copenhagen. This marks the second large announcement within the past three months for Infopro Learning, coming off the aquisiition of Sherwood Learning in November of 2015.Infopro Learning has selected Steve Elliot to lead the London office, who with over a decade of learning and development experience is excited to help customers meet their learning needs.”I’m truly excited by the opportunity that we have ahead of us. Our UK office will allow us to further capitalise on our existing strong client base within Europe, and better engage with a wider range of opportunities and clients in this territory. Our direct presence will deliver better alignment of our global learning offerings in to Europe, and importantly, provide a more personal touch to our engagement with each of these clients.”

-Steve Elliot

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning’s mission it to make organizational learning a competitive advantage for our customers by delivering modern learning experiences that strengthen employee performance. As a full-service L&D outsourcing company, they work with major corporations all over the world to solve their biggest learning, training, and performance improvement challenges. Infopro Learning’s vision is to provide a learning ecosystem in the workplace that acts as the foundation for continual learning and employee growth.For more information, visit