Infopro Learning, a world leader in workforce transformation, today announced a partnership with Cognota, the leading provider of operations software built specifically for learning and development teams.

Infopro Learning will be adding to its already market-leading capabilities by offering the Cognota LearnOps® platform to its new and future customer base, in addition to other products offered, such as Cognota’s CLO Coaching Program. “Cognota has demonstrated tremendous value to L&D customers at every turn, and we feel that paired with Infopro Learning’s ability to deliver, it’s a win-win-win for the industry,” said Nolan Hout, Vice President of Marketing at Infopro Learning.


“The need for a dedicated LearnOps® platform continues to grow as enterprises who are heavily invested in learning technology are looking to streamline operational processes associated with L&D to consolidate disparate tools, make more strategic decisions, and measure the impact of learning investments,” said Ryan Austin, CEO of Cognota. “Being able to partner with an organization that has as much expertise in the learning space as Infopro strengthens both parties’ ability to contribute research, best practices, and resources to Learning Ops for customers — and to move forward the very new LearnOps category for the L&D industry”.

This partnership comes at a time when learning and development organizations are under increased pressure to deliver business results efficiently and need more operational support than ever before. Organizations looking to learn more about how they can streamline their learning operations are encouraged to contact Infopro Learning at

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning is an award-winning workforce transformation company that unlocks the potential of employees, clients, and partners. Unlocking potential unleashes higher performance levels, resulting in outcomes aligned with your company’s strategic objectives. Infopro Learning helps you grow, manage change effectively, and ultimately – transform.  

Over the last 25 years, Infopro Learning has built services and solutions around training, upskilling, and developing people. As a global leader in talent development and managed learning services, Infopro Learning offers full-service solutions that support the entire lifecycle of learning, including strategy, curriculum design, content development, training delivery, learning administration, and talent sourcing. Our digital platforms and global infrastructure enable the accelerated realization of the outcomes associated with full-service solutions. 

About Cognota:

Cognota (formerly Synapse) is the first and only LearnOps® platform for corporate Learning and Development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines L&D processes such as training intake, project and capacity planning, and content design, allowing learning teams to work more efficiently and effectively while providing access to much-needed data and insights about their operations. This first-of-its-kind software allows customers to get better visibility into the training needs of their businesses and consolidate disparate tools they are using so they can make better, more strategic decisions about L&D investments and measure impact.