Benefits of Microlearning

Flexibility, customization and easy-of-access makes microlearning a preferred choice.

Solutions We Offer

  • Scenario-Based Simulations Scenario-Based Simulations
    We create microlearning solutions that present life-like scenarios, that help employees relate to the learning content and understand how it applies to them. These business scenarios are short in length and build context around relevant workplace This interactive format helps learners build critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Gamification  Gamification
    We infuse life into a microlearning by incorporating gamification. Popular learner activities can be turned into simple interactive games. We can also include elements of social learning such as high scores, leader boards, badges and more. Pairing gamification with microlearning is a proven beneficial strategy you can use to improve the effectiveness of your training programs.
  • Graphics and animations Graphics and animations
    Breaking down content into short understandable microlearning modules is effective with text-based graphics and animations that increase engagement levels. We use images, graphics, and short animations to liven up learning content and increase its impact. This microlearning solution is apt for quick turn-around-time in terms of development.
  • Video based learning  Video based learning
    Microlearning videos are the most popular and effective way to go. Microlearning videos are short and focused. It is an interactive format that most employees are now used to consuming on their smartphones in their everyday lives. This makes this format both familiar and effective in for corporate learners today.
Scenario-Based Simulations

Success Story

Microlearning Solution to close Skills Gap and Empower Youth for a Non-profit Organization

Business ChallengeBusiness Challenge

Business Challenge

Business Challenge

Our Client had a customer service supervisor program that they needed to improve. However, there were multiple challenges.

  • High drop-out rates
  • High costs
  • Limited information about Target Audience

Solution Solution



Video-based learning was utilized to create a solution that presented the training in short burst of learning.

  • Engaging Visuals

    Each video was animated or used real life actors to keep the content visually appealing and engaging.

  • Relatable characters

    User personas were created and used to make relatable characters in the videos that participants could relate to.

  • Life Like Examples

    Relevant real-life scenarios were used to show learners how the knowledge they are learning could be applied in real life.

Outcome Outcome



  • Microlearning reduces training time considerably
  • Reduces cost per learner and overall training costs by large margins.
  • Improved retention rates along with 0% dropout rate achieved with Microlearning solutions.
  • The solution resulted in 100% job placement rates for all learners