Every salesperson and marketer will benefit from this course designed to refine the development and delivery of their brand story. Think about a story you love—a documentary, a podcast episode, a novel. What about that story makes it stay with you? Chances are it moved you to feel something.

A brand story contains many of the same elements that draw you into your favorite book or film. And it’s a story that serves a similar purpose. It has characters (you, your customers), a conflict (personal or customer pain point), rising action (your journey to solve that problem), and a climax (the solution!). Most importantly, it leaves the prospective customer with a feeling.

Your brand story is much, much more than just a souped-up version of the “about us” section of your website. Your brand stories are your points for meaningful connection with the people that matter most to your brand’s success. Your stories shape and define your brand’s relationship with every major stakeholder and audience.

In this program participants learn. how to use techniques of effective storytelling to communicate their organization’s complete value proposition including:

  • Mission and vision
  • Purpose, in terms of problems to solve
  • Product and service benefits

Communicating your value proposition through effective storytelling will help uncertain customers make decisions and move hesitating customers to action. It will also increase the loyalty and retention of existing customers. All while providing salespeople and marketers with many new opportunities to bring their value proposition to life.


Business Impact


Sales messaging will be streamlined and targeted to amplify the impact on prospective customers.


A greater sense of cohesion will develop when the entire organization internalizes your brand story in a consistent manner.


Reduce sales and marketing costs by identifying ineffective messages that have minimal impact on prospects and customers.


Marketing messages will gain greater traction with audiences to generate more leads and accelerate the selling cycle.


Apply brand story principles to your social media strategy to generate greater engagement and more follow-up action.


Improve the motivation and morale of salespeople by providing them with stories they love to tell to customers and prospects.


Learning Journey


  • Pre-reading (20 minutes)
  • Document your current value proposition and sales/marketing messages
  • Gather initialstory ideas and data for your story “toolkit” (rubric provided)

Module 1(2 hours)

The Essence of Storytelling
  • Classic guide to storytelling
  • The “beats” of a great story
  • Storytelling and brain science
Why Does Your Audience Care?
  • Their priorities, fears, concerns, goals and aspirations
  • Linking your brand story to their priorities
  • How stories drive action
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Develop (and practice) your first draft – get feedback

Module 1(2 hours)

Brand Story Enhancement
  • Whiteboarding and other visual story enhancement
  • The “villain” of your story?
  • Refine your story versions for:
    • Elevator speech
    • Sales presentations
    • Social media
    • Marketing campaigns
  • Refine (and practice) your second draft , with whiteboard visuals – get feedback
  • Final polish and presentation


  • Personal Action Plan for continuous refinement of your brand story
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
  • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *
Intersession Activity**

Learning Objectives