This course is designed to help a leader or an entire leadership team to align business planning with a proven strategic thinking model. This approach creates a clear direction and focus with a n objective analysis of your current business situation, future goals, resources and obstacles, and a clear plan to implement your strategy.

This program can be experienced in advance of a business’s strategic planning process or it can be integrated into the process, with leaders completing the pre-work and each of the three workshop sessions with the focus of working on their actual business plan during these sessions. The timing of the three sessions and the intersession activities can be adjusted to fit your actual business planning cycle.

Strategic thinking processes and tools are leveraged throughout the workshop. The process begins with a fact-based review of current business results (or lack thereof) and establishment of clear objectives (short and long term). Voice-of-customer, voice-of-market, and voice-of employee data is then used to rationalize the objectives and potentially make adjustments.

A review of resources available (current and potential) including an organization structure/accountability assessment leads to development of a strategic vision and a tactical action plan based on a realistic view of all enablers and limitations.

Business Impact

Leaders learn to apply strategic thinking tools and process to a broad range of current and future business challenges.

Develop a strong (and likely to succeed) business plan based on a realistic assessment of strengths and limitations.

Ensure that major business decisions are approached in an objective fact-based manner designed for predictable success.

Leaders ensure that major business decisions adequately factor in the perspectives of customers and employees.

Leaders are able to objectively assess the current effectiveness of their organization structure and accountability alignment.

Learn a flexible reality-based approach to business planning that can quickly adjust as the market and business environment evolves.

Learning Journey


  • Read case study: Billion dollar business planning blunders*


Session 1
Embrace Reality
  • Review current state of the business and past results
  • Clarify objectives
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Voice of the market
  • Voice of the employee
  • Consistent themes?
  • Adjust objectives?
Intersession Activity**
Session 2
Evaluate Options
  • Assertive Communication Techniques
  • Voice, Tone, and Body Language​
  • Recognize Words and Their Impact​
Intersession Activity**
Session 3
Plan for Action
  • Assess current org. structure and accountability chart
  • Resource review
  • Limiters and obstacles review
  • Brainstorm potential solutions for obstacles
  • Preliminary strategic vision


  • Action Plan Execution
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Status Reviews

Learning Objectives

Experienced Facilitators

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