When individuals experience significant change in the workplace – restructuring, changing roles, conflicts with colleagues, layoffs, etc. – the level of stress they experience can often rival that of experiences such as the death of a loved one or other significant personal loss.

And they stress they experience often sets up a dynamic of less than optimal responses to the changes, which can end up making the situation even worse for them.

This program is designed to equip employees with practical tools and skills to respond to change productively, in a manner that minimizes the negative impact and may even enhance their working experience.

This workshop helps employees develop improved self awareness and practices to strengthen and develop their abilities to be resilient in the face of organizational change. Participants learn why some people thrive in challenging situations, while others become overwhelmed. And they learn how to model the mindset, behaviors and actions of the thrivers.

Business Impact & Learning Objectives

Employees experiencing difficult workplace change will be better able to control and prevent unhelpful emotions and stressors

Employees develop the ability to reframe their perspective on workplace changes and situations they cannot control.

Employees develop the ability to reframe their perspective on workplace changes and situations they cannot control.

Levels of stress, anxiety and depression are reduced as employees develop better change coping mechanisms.

Employees gain a sense of control and “ownership” of their reactions to changes and circumstances over which they have no control.

Participants learn and implement strategies for thriving under pressure, including in the face of organizational changes they cannot control.

Learning Journey


  • Self -assessment followed by a questionnaire
  • 'Be the Change' Video+, 3 min

Virtual Workshop

Drivers and Impact of Change
  • What and why of change
  • Responses to change
  • Sources of stress
  • Ability to thrive through change
  • Personal Resilience
Intersession Activity**
Thoughts and Behaviors for Resilience
  • Empowered mindsets
  • Emotional response curve
  • Triggers
  • Effective framing
Intersession Activity**
Actions to Increase Resilience
  • Deeply held beliefs
  • Leading change
  • Good Habits


  • Action Planning
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
  • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *

Experienced Facilitators

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