In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, leaders must adapt and rise to the challenges created by ever-changing circumstances. In this program, leaders develop the internal strengths and strategic skills needed to lead with agility.

This program provides leaders with the confidence, skills, and techniques to fully understand the implications of VUCA on their people and organization. It enables them to conduct and apply the proven strategies to navigate uncertain and ambiguous business situations. This program is essential for those who wish to learn key behavioral principles in leading people in today's rapidly changing VUCA world.

This program will highlight:
  • The key components of active leadership, self-awareness and the power of emotional intelligence in leading through VUCA
  • How to recognize volatility in the business and turn this to a positive vision
  • How to define uncertainty in your organization, and turn this to understanding
  • How to understand complexity in the organization and to turn this to clarity for your people
  • How to identify ambiguity in the business and adapt this to agility
  • The key principles and process to lead your people, teams and the organization through VUCA

Business Impact

Eliminate confusion and misinterpretation among employees and colleagues during uncertain and ambiguous circumstances.

Gain more motivated, confident and effective leaders in the organization who are better prepared for future challenges.

Increase the positive interpersonal behaviors and communication skills of individuals and leaders.

Reduce workplace problems and issues through effective VUCA Leadership strategies and techniques.

Develop optimal insights and judgements, make better decisions, when addressing issues with inadequate or conflicting data.

Leaders develop greater confidence as they learn how to lead individuals and teams through uncertain or ambiguous situations.

Learning Journey


  • Self-paced reading (approx. 6 minutes)
  • Reflection exercise
Optional Enhancement
  • Brief video, internal leaders sharing their perspective on importance of cultural and generational respect.

Series of 3 Virtual Workshops

Session 1
VUCA: The “New Norm”
  • Traditional Leadership vs. VUCA Leadership
  • Self-awareness
  • Leading through Change
  • Managing Expectations: Generations and Cultures
  • Impact of Volatility in the Team and Organization
  • Turning Volatility to Vision
Intersession Activity**
Session 2
Navigating Uncertainty
  • The Roots of Uncertainty
  • Team and Organization Dynamics
  • Truly embracing different perspectives
  • Communication Keys Coaching and Mentoring to Combat Uncertainty
  • Leading Understanding in the Workplace
  • Check and Clarify: The Keys to Gain Clarity
  • Creative Thinking to Gain Clarity
Intersession Activity**
Session 3
Agility and Innovation​
  • Methods to Aid Clarity
  • Communicating Clarity
  • Defining Ambiguity vs. Agility in VUCA
  • Using AGILE & Kaizen to Lead and Manage
  • Developing an Agile Team: Empowerment
  • Building Organization Agility: The Agile Leader
  • Action Planning


  • Personal Action Planning
  • 30-60-90 Day Virtual Group Touchpoint: Action Plan Reviews
  • Design Individual Action Plan
Optional Enhancement
  • Interactive pdf Action Plan

Learning Objectives