This progress focuses on strategies for delegating the right task to the right person – resulting in a high-performance team that works efficiently in an environment of empowerment and trust. Participants will learn techniques for delegating roles and responsibilities that not only achieves short term project goals but also support quality, client satisfaction career development and growth of the organization.

In this workshop you will learn about: ​
  • Benefits of intentional delegation
  • Assign skills that build trust
  • Understand team member’s commitment
  • Create a supportive learning environment

As in all Infopro Learning workshops, diverse methodologies that appeal to adult learning styles are incorporated into this program. This workshop includes pre-work assignments, facilitated discussions, case studies, individual and small-group work, and other tools to assist participants in applying learning to their jobs.

Business Impact

Recognize the benefits of delegation for 01 oneself, associates and the organization.

Apply a four-step process for delegating.

Identify delegation skills that support employees’ development and build trust.

Match delegating styles to the competency 04 and experience of employees.

Recognize how to delegate with purpose, incorporating variables that grow associates, peers, themselves and the organization.

Apply learning to a case study that requires making delegating decisions to impact client satisfaction, associate development and business growth.

Learning Journey


  • Self - assessment to determine natural delegation style

Virtual Workshop

The Delegation Matrix
  • Self-awareness: your natural delegation style​
  • Benefits and limitations of your natural style
  • Sources of stress​
  • How to develop an intentional delegation mindset
Intersession Activity**
Delegation Process Model
  • Avoid the delegation landmines
  • Ensure the success of your delegation efforts
  • Help your team grow through intentional delegation
Intersession Activity**
Practical Application
  • Scenario exercises​
  • Real world application to your work projects
  • Having productive conversations when others don’t deliver


  • Action Planning
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
  • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *

Experienced Facilitators

We can prepare your team to deliver this program, or leverage our global network of experienced facilitators