This workshop focuses on both the mindset and the capabilities necessary for an organization to develop a culture and commitment to extraordinary customer service. Using the LEAP model as its basis, this workshop equips participants with tips and techniques that allow them to deliver exceptional service to customers.

Beginning with understanding the expectations of customers and the employee-customer-profit chain, the workshop provides opportunities for participants to practice active listening, listening for emotion, displaying empathy, and questioning skills. It then teaches participants about the forgotten step (acknowledge the problem) and how to provide a solution and act as a trusted advisor.

Experiential exercises in this workshop bring the content to life and help articipants develop practical skills that can be applied immediately on the job. This workshop helps to put learners in the “seat of the customer” in order to develop greater empathy and awareness of customer experiences and expectations.

Business Impact

Customer-facing employees learn what it takes to “earn” the customer’s confidence and develop a “Trusted Advisor” relationship.

Customer-facing employees develop better listening skills, focused on showing empathy and engagement with customers.

As the customer experience improves, selling additional (or higher margin) products and services happens more frequently.

Customer-facing employees feel greater pride in their work, leading to boosted morale and reduced employee turnover.

Customers who experience an extraordinary commitment to service are more likely to remain loyal and to refer others.

Customers who have complaints or have had a less-then-exceptional experience are more likely to be recovered and retained.

Learning Journey


  • Leadership
    Address Video *
  • Reflect on recent good and bad customer experience


Employee Customer Profit Chain​
  • Extraordinary Service: Guiding Principles
  • Modes of Customer Communication
Intersession Activity**
Understanding Customer Concerns
  • Active Listening
  • Listening for Emotion
  • Questioning Skills
  • Displaying Empathy
Intersession Activity**
Addressing Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Types of Dissatisfied Customer
  • Act as a Trusted Advisor
  • Ideal Outcome


  • Action Planning
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
  • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *

Learning Objectives

Experienced Facilitators

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