In high performing organizations, a culture of trust is critical to achieve optimal effectiveness – yet trust is complex and can be impacted by many factors, both internal and external to the organization, And for many businesses today, trust is at risk.

Customers and regulators are more cynical and suspicious of any claims a company might make. Employees aren’t sure they can trust their leaders. Leaders aren’t sure how much they can trust employees. Colleagues may not be certain how much they can trust each other. This era of doubt and uncertainty seems to be allencompassing:

Trust can no longer be assumed, in fact just the opposite. Cynicism and suspicion is becoming the norm; trust must be built and earned continuously. This course is designed to help you as a leader measure, enhance, and amplify trust in your organization.

The course include deep self-reflection for leaders to help them see themselves the way others see them, to identify circumstances where they may be inadvertently eroding trust. And to identify opportunities to earn and reinforce trust, with colleagues, employees, customers, clients, family and friends

Learning Outcomes
and Business Impact

Participants learn the critical role that trust plays in our society, business environment and our internal organizational culture.

Participants learn the critical importance of leading by example through authentic and resilient leadership.

Participants learn how to assess the level of trust throughout their organization, how to determine root causes and contributors.

Participants learn how enhanced trust with all stakeholders can have a tangible impact on bottom line business results.

Participants learn six strategies for leading others through uncertainty and significant change, and how to build trust in the process.

Participants develop new approaches for earning and continuously enhancing trust with all organizational stakeholders.

Learning Journey


  • Self-paced reading (approx. 6 minutes)
  • Reflection exercise
Optional Enhancement
  • Brief video, internal leaders sharing their perspective on importance of organizational trust

Series of 3 Virtual Workshops

Virtual Session 1
Organizational Trust (or Lack Thereof) is Pervasive
  • How cultural trends and market forces impact trust and business results
  • How interpersonal connections are eroded.
  • How brand mission is impacted
  • The role of leadership values and competence
Virtual Session 2
Organizational Trust Can be Measured and Tracked
  • Personal Board of Directors
  • Leadership Values
  • Culminating Activity
Virtual Session 3
Organizational Trust Can be Earned and Enhanced
  • Trust-enhancing leadership communication
  • How adversity can enhance trust (or kill it)
  • 6 strategies for leading through uncertain times
  • Case study: Tangible business impact of building organizational trust


  • Personal Action Planning
  • 0-60-90 Day Virtual Group Touchpoint: Action Plan Reviews
  • Design Individual Action Plan
Optional Enhancement
  • Interactive pdf Action Plan

Learning Objectives