This workshop equips mid-career leaders with the personal insights and new professional capabilities necessary to continue advancing their leadership effectiveness. This includes critical leadership skills to optimize performance in today’s work environment.

Personal insight comes from a series of formal assessments and informal discussions designed to help a leader identify current strengths to build on along with development opportunities. By combining proven techniques with peer interaction, participants begin to master the competencies of effective senior leadership.

The workshop can be delivered as a 1 or 2 day live classroom program, or a series of shorter virtual sessions. Participants complete the following assessments:

  • Leadership SkillMapTM competency profile
  • Leadership StyleMapTM behavioral profile
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment

These assessments provide leaders with tools for deep self-reflection and throughout the program the results are leveraged to help leaders gain:

  • New skills for improved communication
  • Enhanced strategic thinking and planning ability
  • Greater ability to motivate, influence and persuade others
  • Strategies to manage complexity and work collaboratively

Business Impact

Mid-level leaders develop greater selfawareness and are better able to advance their own capability development.

Leaders who feel that their career trajectory may have “stalled out” are provided with both motivation and skill development.

Organizations are able to tap into the full potential of their mid-level leaders and build a talent pool for future senior leadership.

Engagement and retention of mid-career leaders is enhanced when they see that the organization is investing in their future.

Leaders who are self-aware become “models” for other employees to develop a similar level of self-awareness.

Leaders build confidence and capabilities for dealing with difficult situations and challenging people



  • Leadership SkillMapTM self-assessment
  • Leadership StyleMapTM self-assessment
  • EQ-i 2.0 test
  • Pre-workshop self-reflection exercise


Interpersonal Dynamics
  • The challenge of leading challenging people
  • Clarifying roles and expectations
  • Identifying talent
  • Managing performance
  • The leader as coach
Intersession Activity**
Team Development
  • Team Development
  • Individual and group accountability
Leveraging Data and Insight
  • Blind spots
  • Data analytics
  • Strategic thinking & planning
Intersession Activity**
Financial Acumen
  • Budget and resource prioritization
  • Maximizing the impact of limited resources
Financial Acumen
  • Your leadership “brand”
  • Manage your trajectory
  • Post-Work

    • Action Planning
    • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
    • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *

    Learning Objectives

    Experienced Facilitators

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