Amidst the hustle and bustle of contemporary business, the ability to seal the deal is often the linchpin of success. Sales teams stand at the vanguard of this mission, propelling their organizations to new heights of profitability and growth. Yet, mastering the art of closing deals is no small task—it requires a unique blend of essential skills, industry acumen, and a profound understanding of the evolving consumer landscape.

Enter REAL Sales Training—a transformative approach that champions Research, Engage, Advocate, and Lead to the Solution. It’s about arming your sales team with the knowledge and strategies to close deals and forge enduring client connections.

Let’s take a look at some fascinating statistics:

  • Only 26% of high-performing sales reps receive weekly coaching (Salesforce).
  • Only 40% of sales pros lack the training & coaching needed to successfully conduct virtual sales (Salesforce).
  • The top sales priorities for businesses around the world include:

    – Closing more deals (75%)

    – Improving sales funnel efficiency (48%)

    – Cutting down sales cycles (32%)

    – Building customer loyalty for the expansion of sales (66.4%)

In this in-depth infographic, we embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment. Together, we’ll dissect the core components that define REAL Sales Training, illuminating the strategies and insights that can elevate your sales team into a dominant force in the competitive marketplace.


Grab a copy of ‘REAL Selling’ authored by Carol Cohen, Vice President-Strategy and Sales Enablement at Infopro Learning. This book discusses the importance of distinguishing yourself in a world of remote buying. It emphasizes focusing on customer-centric value to build enduring relationships, positioning your role as a valued partner rather than just a solution provider, and offers a straightforward path to success.