Blended training is when people learn using a mix of regular classroom teaching and online learning. Evelyn’s 2023 research report highlights that the prominent developments of the year will encompass blended learning. The report also emphasizes that eLearning and blended learning continued to dominate the landscape of the EdTech sector throughout 2022. This way of learning is really useful for people working in pharmaceuticals because they can go at their own speed and choose how they learn best. 

There are many benefits of blended training for pharma professionals, including flexibility, personalization, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness. Learners can access online content at any time and from any location, choose the learning activities most relevant to their needs, interact with their peers and instructors online, and save money on training costs. By following the best practices given in the infographic, you can create an effective, efficient, and engaging blended training program.

Primary Image: Blended Training

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