Amidst a backdrop of continual technological progress and ever-changing workplace dynamics, the paramount importance of organizational adaptability becomes evident. A shift from outdated methodologies to a more flexible approach requires a comprehensive framework addressing the multifaceted challenges of a rapidly evolving landscape. This framework encompasses strategic foresight, cultivating an innovative culture, and investments in ongoing learning and development. 

The infographic below illustrates the “ACORN” model, a framework designed to instill a culture of learning within organizations. This model involves aligning organizational goals with learning objectives (A), ensuring the availability of high-quality and easily accessible learning materials (C), providing avenues for learning, innovation, and development (O), reinforcing learning initiatives through leadership engagement and incentives (R), and promoting a technology-friendly approach for users (N). The overarching goal of this model is to aid organizations in effectively addressing challenges posed by automation and robotics while concurrently fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. 

Learning Technology

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