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Companies have invested significantly in developing an identity and culture that connects their people across job levels, functions and geographical locations to achieve the business results that matter most. Today’s businesses need leaders who exercise wisdom, challenge the status quo, and envision the complex interdependence of systems and stakeholders. Now is the time for organizations to assess and strategize the development plan for high potentials (HIPO) in order to drive business to the future.

A high-potential leadership program must include foundation and context-specific capabilities that align directly with business succession plan. Focusing on thought-provoking solutions and behavioral skills, a strategic leadership development plan should aim to prepare future leaders that navigate companies through transformation.

How We Work

Our high-potential development programs are centered around three critical parameters

01. Strategic Alignment

Leadership development is an expensive task, and it is the job of learning leaders to make sure the right vision is in sync when raising a requirement for HIPO. We collaborate with such leaders to prepare a well-thought plan that identifies, develop and measure the future leaders. Additionally, we create alignment between potential learners’ aspirations and business objectives.

02. Executive Sponsorship

For any leadership development program, this is one of the prime pre-requisites every time. With the right support and mentoring from senior leaders, high-potential candidates go the extra mile to deliver what is expected from them. We enable learning leaders to deliver consistent employee communications, nomination opportunities, and reward and recognition for those who successfully complete the program.

03. Inclusivity

To avoid any pitfall from non-HIPO-identified employee, we define and clearly specify the criteria of selecting a high-potential individual. Along with this, employees that do not qualify are provided the easy access to information for other learning and development opportunities that lie ahead for them. The aim remains to create a culture of inclusivity and encouragement that motivates the workforce to strive for excellence and stay inspired.

Business Benefits

Infopro Learning is empowering its partners with a leadership development approach for high-potential employees and bring transformation to their business.

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Business Transformation

Blended Approach to Leadership Training

Developed blended learning strategy to create an effective leadership program to deliver client’s brand promise and increase customer satisfaction.

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Industry Experience