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    Make Sales Training Stick with These Six Approaches

Investment in sales training is costly—but essential. Numerous factors influence why businesses run sales training programs. These programs frequently miss the mark and fail to produce the business results that were hoped for while having the best intentions. No matter how well the training was delivered, failures are typically the result of unclear expectations regarding what should happen differently the day after the training and the absence of a post-training reinforcement strategy.

Sales professionals are likely to forget 80% of the sales training material within 90-120 days of the training’s delivery if there isn’t a strong reinforcement program in place. How do you ensure that your investment in sales training pays off? What are the sales management actions before, during, and after the training to support the program and help assure the adoption of the new skills?

Our latest eBook on ‘Make Sales Training Stick with These Six Approaches’ highlights the guidelines for ensuring that your training has an impact.

Read this eBook to gain actionable insights into –

  • How to evaluate if your team needs training or coaching
  • Recognize the needs of each salesperson
  • How your sales managers affect training outcomes
  • The six approaches to effective sales training

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