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    L&D Vision 2021

    Trends to Watch for in Learning and Development


To better understand the learning trends, we expect to see in 2021, we must explore the impact Covid19 had on businesses in 2020. With the new normal, it has become imperative for organizations to develop new business models and push technology at the forefront of shifting L&D strategies. Businesses are looking to L&D for answers while developing new skill sets.


While The theme of 2020 was to adapt and survive the disruption, there needs to be a shift in strategy now. As we move forward into 2021 business leaders will be focusing on creating long term strategies and becoming more agile to prepare for future changes.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Current State Of L&D
  • Overview of Managed Learning Services.
  • What Constitute an Ideal Managed Learning Services Framework?
  • Why You Should Go for Managed Learning Services Post 2020.
  • Using Outcomes Approach to Unlock Potential and its impact in Managed Learning Services In 2021.

L&D Vision 2021


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