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    High Potential Leadership Programs

    Future Proof Your Organization with a Rock-Solid Talent Bench



Companies have invested significantly in developing an identity and culture that connects their people across job levels, functions and geographical locations to achieve the business results that matter the most to their enterprise.


Infopro Learning offers a wide range of custom interventions and services to develop and support associates as they grow from individual contributors to senior leaders to promote transformational change.


This eBook will outline how your L&D department can ensure significant returns on investment in your high-potential leadership development program through traits like strategic alignment, executive sponsorship and inclusivity.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Developing the right kind of leadership skills
  • Having an objective and consistent roadmap for identifying and developing HIPOs
  • Structuring your leadership development and succession planning around organizational goals and values
  • Measuring the impact of your HIPOs before, during and after their participation in the leadership development program


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High Potential Leadership Programs


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