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    An Insightful Outlook for Managed Learning Services 2022

    Understanding The L&D Landscape, Inside Out


According to Europe’s number one HR industry analyst, Fosway Group, 94% of L&D professionals reported having changed their learning and development (L&D) strategy because of COVID-19, with 2 in 3 making significant changes to what they do and how they do it.

Organizations now understand the importance of L&D, but only some organizations have the resources necessary to invest fully in their workforce training. When there are dedicated resources and time, training programs in these organizations may succeed initially, but they eventually fall short as expertise dwindles with time and for other compelling reasons.

Managed Learning Services (MLS) is evolving into a business catalyst and becoming a game-changer for organizations. How?

Download the eBook to understand how an MLS provider allows organizations to undertake learning and development initiatives in their organization economically.

Here is a brief glimpse of what you will find inside this eBook:

  • The current state of L&D pre-COIVD and post-COVID
  • The need for Managed Learning Services within an organization
  • What constitutes an ideal Managed Learning Services framework?
  • The business benefits of Managed Learning Services
  • How MLS providers are getting businesses ready for the future

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