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Leadership coaching is a well-structured strategy which enables business leaders to drive engagement and performance impact of their team members through goal-setting. A leader who acts as a coach can help the organization bring transformations by motiving their teams to learn through innovations. A coach can identify their team’s behavior and inspire them to adapt the change, learn new things, and stay productive.

While many companies seek advice from external coaches, it is always a wise idea to build the desired coaching skills into your leadership. We offer effective leadership coaching that can help leaders align their team members towards the right business goals, values, culture, and overall strategy.

How We Work

Our leadership coaching framework includes the five following steps-

  • Pre-Coaching Pre-Coaching
    Intake of assessments and selection of leader as a coach
  • Intro-Meeting  Intro Meeting
    Gain alignment towards the right business goals and process
  • Graphics and animations Assess & Coach
    Share formal conversational assessments to effectively coach the team members
  • Video based learning  Intra-Coaching Assignments
    Provide assignments to teams based on real-world applications
  • Video based learning  Review & Refine
    Review individual progress and refine process with further leadership guidance 
Microlearning Solutions We Offer

The Coaching Process

Our leadership coaching process helps create a strong and trusting partnership that allows the leader to gain self-awareness, unlock their potential, broaden leadership skills, and change mindset and behaviours.

01. Intake Form Experiences

Gather information to assess leadership requirements and provide the right coaching to the right audience.

02. Self-Assessment

Understand skills to be developed with an initial roadmap towards meeting the desired learning objectives.

03. Intake Interview

Organized by the head of leadership coaching to gauge the right communication and suit diverse learning styles and interests.

04. Meeting with Coach

Build alignment between business processes, goals, and timelines with mutual accountabilities to the client and coach.

Business Benefits

Infopro Learning helps businesses align employees towards the right business goals,
and strategy with Leadership coaching –

Global-Leadership4000+ Global Leadership Coaches
4000+ Gloable Leadership big square dot

4000+ Global Leadership Coaches

  • 500+ coaching hours
  • Support 10 languages
  • Avg. 12 years of experience
Education-and-CertificationEducation and Certification
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Education and Certification

  • 94% International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified
  • 58% Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited
  • 98% Assessment tool certification

Business Transformation

Leadership Development and Coaching for Diverse Audiences

Created engaging learning experiences for diverse audiences by implementing an effective leadership development program followed by coaching to equip learners with the desired skills.

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Industry Experience