In the past decade, we’ve seen the evolution of the training and learning environment in companies. Technology has made this change possible, and a considerable part of the workforce has adapted new training delivery methods.

Various professional training methods can be used to achieve training goals. But which ones are right for the company and its staff? Management should ask how to deliver effective training sessions that benefit personnel while being cost-effective. Additionally, they should evaluate the training sessions to assess and make necessary improvements.

When preparing a L&D program,  training delivery is an important aspect that should be considered. Distance learning, eLearning, self-learning, and face-to-face training are just a few methods of delivering training. However, a knowledgeable and experienced trainer must provide high-quality content to achieve the training objectives and efficient content delivery. (1)

Choosing a Training Delivery Method

Most companies evaluate delivery methods based on the organization’s overall learning objectives. (2)

  • E-Learning
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Instructor-led Training (ILT)
  • Mobile Learning
  • Blended Learning

To determine the most effective training delivery methods, companies should consider the options available and how they align with their goals, audience, and content.

E-learning is one of the most common types of training delivery available today. E-learning combines discussion forums, text audio, video, and interactive assessment. Online learning still offers interactive and engaging training and often with simulated environments for employees performing high-risk tasks.

Virtual classrooms allow businesses to deliver training in text, video, and documents in real-time. Contrary to ILT, virtual classrooms provide training from anywhere. This is advantageous as learners can attend the session anywhere, helping the company save precious time and money.

Although instructor-led or classroom training is the most traditional form of training is only effective when you provide a big group of learners with a relatively small amount of information in a short period.

Mobile learning is a relatively new training delivery method. Nonetheless, some of its benefits include delivering training anytime, anywhere and on any device and in the form of microlearning, short how-to videos, social learning, and other engaging formats.

And last but not least is blended learning. Businesses can control a combination of methodologies that help employees retain the information learned. A blended learning method works best in companies with diverse training requirements and complex learning objectives.

How to Incorporate Feedback During Training

Management needs to provide employees with comprehensive, relevant feedback. It is especially crucial during training and educational development.

During any learning process, it is normal to expect feedback. It is no different in the workplace. Management’s responsibility is to provide employees with an honest opinion when discussing the performance of their learning process. (2)

Here are some tactics for delivering feedback during a training process:

  • Be Constructive
  • Use Data
  • Respect Privacy
  • Use Peer Feedback
  • Provide Personal Feedback
  • Use a Panel
  • Look Forward to the Next Step


Training delivery methods have evolved with advancements in technology. So, the best approach is not the latest training delivery method but the right training delivery method for the company’s needs.

People, companies, and training are different, so companies should choose the right one for their employees, goals, and budget.

Considering or implementing the procedures for training delivery discussed in this article can help companies choose suitable training delivery methods and how to incorporate feedback during or after training. Offering feedback can help the learners improve their overall learning experience.

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