The Similarities between L&D and IT

As a person who comes from an IT outsourcing background, I believe the learning industry resembles the Information & Technology industry more than most people realize.

For example, the Managed Learning Services (MLS) which InfoPro Learning offers, is very similar to modern IT outsourcing, following the same holistic approach to the procedure – from the standard processes, skills, and technology.

Cost Efficiency is Not the Only Benefit

In the last 5 years, Learning & Development outsourcing has grown by 25%, largely because of the cost-saving benefit. The majority of learning outsourcing providers today focus exclusively on cost efficiency, and in their quest for efficiency they are missing the bigger picture.

It reminds me of the early days of IT outsourcing. Back then, IT outsourcing was also more focused on getting the job done with the right number of people, rather than getting the job done right.

IT outsourcing providers concentrated on the number of server support engineers or java coders needed for the job, and completely ignored the service experience. People are a part of the PPT (People Process Technology) concept, but only the first part. The other two parts, processes and technology, are just as important.

When I joined InfoPro Learning I was elated that we focused on learning for business outcomes. Learning for performance is more than a catchy slogan, it’s an approach to L&D that builds organizational capabilities. InfoPro Learning focuses on the complete PPT puzzle: People, Processes, and Technology.

Learning from IT Outsourcing

It gives me satisfaction and immense happiness to see the lessons learned in the IT industry being used in L&D. It took years for IT and IT outsourcing to transition from being viewed only as a cost saving measure. Today, it is widely accepted that IT capabilities are a competitive advantage and companies outsource their IT to achieve greater results than what they could do internally.

I believe that this is where learning outsourcing needs to go, and with Managed Learning Services, InfoPro Learning is leading the way.

It is with a feeling of déjà vu that I see the early days of IT outsourcing being reinvented for the learning industry today. This time around though, I’m glad to be part of a company that’s leading a faster transformation.

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