Reusing instructionally sound training content where possible saves time and money, and is preferable to developing new content from scratch. As a result of a training portfolio audit, you will identify content that should be reduced or removed as well as content that should be reused for future programs. In particular, instructionally sound, informative training content developed with the help of a company’s subject matter experts is valuable enough to be considered for reuse in the future rather than neglecting it or throwing it away.

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Once reusable learning assets have been identified, they should be sequestered away from content that will be reduced or thrown out. As a general best practice, the best way to manage learning assets is through the use of a robust learning content management system (LCMS).1 Proper usage of an LCMS will ensure that useful learning content is stored in a safe place and can be reused and recycled in the future as necessary.

Reusable learning assets come in many forms. Here are some of the most common types of reusable learning assets:

Training Slide Decks

Slide decks from older instructor-led training programs can be a treasure trove of powerful content, including statistics, infographics, and illustrations.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos can serve different purposes in training programs: onboarding videos for new hires, product information videos, videos interspersed throughout e-learning courses, etc. Try to think of ways in which instructional videos can be reused, since video production in and of itself is a significant investment.

Job Aids

Job aids are meant to serve as a reference to workers on the job – and to that end, they are oftentimes highly succinct and information rich learning objects that can be reused for a variety of different purposes.

Instructor-Led Training Manuals
Breakout sessions, role-plays, homework assignments, and hands-on workshops help learners to struggle through the material and learn dynamically.

You have Reduced, You have Reused, what is next?
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