Training outsourcing has become a popular solution for enterprise organizations this year. The pandemic has caused shifts in many industries as well as the world of L&D. The need for employee reskilling has grown now that the rate of digital transformation has sped up. Many businesses are working with outsourced training providers to help them improve and streamline their L&D processes.

There is wide variety of options you can choose from now it can be difficult to know which services meet your organization’s needs. Two types of outsourced services that are often confused are performance consulting and staffing. We will share the details of both these services, their benefits, and the top signs that they are the right fit for your company.

What is Performance Consulting?

Performance consulting is the process of identifying business needs and creating a learning strategy to fill them. A performance consultant, also known as an instructional designer, uses a performance consulting model to find the source of performance issues. They look for the specific issues that are preventing the organization from achieving its goals. They then create training solutions that support the performance of people to produce business results.

What are the Business Benefits?

Learning solutions that performance consultants develop often provide several valuable business benefits. The programs are highly effective because they are specifically designed to help the organization achieve its business goals. Learning and development programs are created to improve employee performance.

A common performance issue that occurs is when employees have a lack of knowledge regarding new products or procedures. In this situation, a performance consultant would design a program to help them gain the knowledge they need to be successful.

Due to its design, the performance consulting process can help your business improve organizational performance. Addressing your organization’s unique needs can remove barriers and increase productivity levels. It can also decrease employee turnover and increase the effectiveness of your current learning programs.

Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Performance Improvement Consultant

How can you tell if your company is having a performance problem and could benefit from a consultant? Although there are many reasons, an organization may need to work with an outsourced training professional. However, the top four reasons a business should consider working with a consultant are listed below.

  • Your business has recently gone through significant changes

Major transitions and changes in day-to-day processes can be difficult and can cause performance issues. If your organization has adopted a new software, has gone through change management, or switched to a new workplace model, you may want to consider evaluating employee performance and partner with a consultant.

  • You have identified a decline in employee performance

Sometimes it is easy to spot a dramatic shift in performance. It is not always as easy to identify the specific cause. Working with a consultant can help you identify the cause and address the issue quickly.

  • You need to measure the effectiveness of your current training programs

Much has changed over the last year. The recent pandemic impacted every industry in some way. Many employee training programs that were once highly effective may need updating or may no longer be useful at all. For example, many face-to-face training programs needed to be converted into virtual instructor-led programs over the last year so training could continue during restrictions.

  • Your business lacks a strategic process for evaluation and optimization

The modern business world is always training. This significantly impacts the effectiveness of your employee training programs. The best programs provide the most accurate, up-to-date information.

To provide relevant learning experiences today, your organization must review and optimize training content regularly. A Performance consultant will have the skills, experience, and knowledge to help your organization set up a comprehensive process for tracking and updates.

What is Learning Staffing?

Learning staffing or instructor facilitation services are vastly different from performance consulting. These services include all activities regarding training, trainer recruitment, and trainer onboarding.These services are provided by outsourced training providers and often by managed learning companies who offer end-to-end services.

What are the Business Benefits?

Outsourcing learning staffing helps you quickly expand your L&D team without the time and money needed to recruit or train them. This helps your business fill an immediate need for expert-level trainers and learning staff at a moment’s notice. It also frees up the time of your internal teams to focus on your business’s core objectives.

Today business agility and resilience can give your organization a competitive edge. An outsourced provider can help you deliver training quickly and effectively with expert-level professionals. They will also help onboard learning staff and train them, so they are ready to hit the ground running.

Signs Your Business Could Benefits from Outsourcing Instructor Facilitation Services

There are also many reasons your business may need to outsource learning staffing services. Some of the most common reasons include the following.

  • You are rolling out a large training program and need to temporarily grow your team to deliver training

Training needs can change frequently depending on a business’s needs. Instructor facilitation services can help organizations scale right when they need it the most.

  • Your current training team does not have the technical skills needed for online delivery.

In many cases over the last year, instructor facilitation has become popular for organizations that need to train their internal trainers on using new tools for online training delivery. In these cases, an outsourced provider can provide instructor facilitation services for the short term.

Wrap Up

Performance consulting is a service that helps organizations determine the cause of performance issues and develop the appropriate solutions. This service works best for businesses that have recently gone through major changes. Learning staffing or instructor facilitation services help businesses fill gaps in their internal training teams, whether long or short term. Learn more about learning solutions for modern organizations and listen to the podcast Removing Risk by Focusing on Outcomes.

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