Have you ever felt like the influx and outflow of L&D demand is like riding a rollercoaster? Managing the unpredictability of L&D projects is a critical part of leading an L&D team. Workloads and demands on your team frequently oscillate based on moving deadlines and expanding project scopes. Relying solely on in-house resources is wasteful during slower times, and can’t meet demand during busier times? Fortunately, there’s a way to even out those ups and downs. Imagine being able to align your resources with your ever-changing needs, ensuring costs stay predictable, with flexibility to effortlessly scale your operations up or down, adapting to whatever curveballs the business world throws your way.

L&D Vision 2021

The fixed-only pricing model gives rise to significant challenges:

  • It is difficult for L&D teams to determine up-front which services will be needed for a given project.
  • If services are scoped for a project but not used, this wastes money as you are under-utilizing resources for which you still need to pay.
  • If specific services are not scoped for a project but are needed once the project is underway, L&D teams need to revisit the contracting and approval process to add new resources.

The Studio on Demand Difference

As per Mercer’s “The State of L&D Report” for 2022, 55% of survey participants indicated an increase in their company’s L&D budgets. Infopro Learning’s unique Studio on Demand approach to resourcing helps your organization save both time and money. It’s designed for L&D teams to easily and swiftly get the resources they need, when they need them. You won’t have to worry about paying for unused services or resources and won’t need to rethink your project every time your needs change. It’s all about making things efficient and cost-effective for you.

Studio on Demand Definition

Studio on Demand is an operational framework unique to Infopro Learning that sustains continuous client engagement, supporting multiple L&D projects, no matter how big or small. By aligning with a single vendor to support a wide range of needs, you can save on costs over time while ensuring quality and meeting learning objectives.

With Studio on Demand, You Can:

  • Gain immediate access to a company’s or partner’s resources, even for short-term requirements.
  • Reduce expenses by paying solely for utilized services.
  • Swiftly adjust the scale of your endeavors. (As demand increases, promptly access additional resources. If demand decreases, rapidly downsize your team.)
  • Enhance project outcomes by utilizing high-quality services opportunistically.
  • Attain faster ROI from your initiatives.

Lock in the Right Resources for Your Project: How Infopro Learning Can Make It Easy for You

We start by gathering a committed core team with the skills and expertise needed for your project or venture. This team serves as the cornerstone, bringing together various skills, including skills that often might be hard to source such as an SME or LXD. as they a. The strength of Studio on Demand lies in its flexibility – enabling you to easily and seamlessly expand the team whenever the project’s requirements change. With a versatile structure to readily incorporate specialists, you guarantee that your endeavor remains adaptable, quick to respond, and adept at tackling emerging obstacles. This strategy immediately empowers you to utilize the right skills, fostering a dynamic and effective working environment.

Tailored to your specific requirements, each core team is:

  • Composed of dedicated core resources.
  • More cost-effective than on-demand resources.
  • Carefully chosen to match your preferences (experience level, industry, location).

Here are three examples of how our Studio on Demand services can make a difference for your organization:

Training Augmentation

In many companies, trainers are employed for only a portion of the year. This situation can negatively impact the Learning & Development budget. Instead of hiring permanent staff, your company can use our resources to adjust its workforce based on Demand. This way, you’ll only incur expenses for these additional team members when they are actively engaged.

Launching a New Initiative

You have a new initiative that requires rapid implementation within your company. Instead of investing resources and time into issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) and finding a new provider, you can use our resources through your L&D team, bypassing the need to involve Procurement.

Meeting Critical Deadlines

You are in a situation where a company has just presented eLearning modules to your board. Unfortunately, these modules didn’t meet the board’s requirements, but the deadline remained unchanged. You can quickly utilize your resources to meet that deadline by partnering with us.


As per a survey conducted by Oxford Economics, 61% of corporate leaders noted a rise in contract labor utilization as a means to achieve business goals. Furthermore, in accordance with CareerBuilder’s Annual Jobs Forecast, nearly half of the employers, specifically 47%, are actively seeking to recruit part-time employees.

Studio on Demand introduces a transformative solution for resource optimization and agile scalability. This approach aligns business needs with resources, ensuring predictable costs and adaptable operations. Unlike fixed pricing models, it enables efficient resource utilization and quick adjustments. It’s a strategic tool empowering teams to access the right resources for an effective and responsive environment. From optimizing training to meeting deadlines, Studio on Demand brings stability to L&D unpredictability.

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