The time for workplace transformation is now and embracing modern technology and implementing a transformation initiative to train employees is one of the best ways to prepare for the future. The modern workplace has drastically changed in the last year. Many organizations are changing the way the day-to-day work environment operates. Some businesses are planning to adopt a fully remote model, others are selecting a hybrid option, and a few still plan to return to working in the office full time.

No matter which model your organization has selected, one thing has recently stayed constant, and that is change. Today’s disruptive business environment calls for increased business agility. Organizations that can quickly adapt to abrupt change have a competitive advantage. Developing a solid people strategy focused on employee development can set your business up for a successful future.

If you are like many other business leaders looking for a learning solution that enables human capital transformation and addresses modern-day employee training challenges, a custom eLearning program enhanced with machine learning may be the answer.

Enhancing Learning Experienced with Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that processes information and uses it to analyze future data. In other words, it “learns” from the past data it collects and uses it to make predictions. Real-life examples people use in their everyday lives can be found while shopping online or watching videos. Businesses like Amazon and YouTube utilize machine learning to make recommendations about products or videos you may want to watch or purchase next.

The same process is followed to deliver high-quality eLearning programs for modern learners today. There are three top ways that machine learning can be leveraged to enable workforce transformation.

Developing Personalized Learning Journeys

HR professionals are often faced with the challenge of creating engaging development opportunities for an increasingly diverse workforce. Today’s employees have different skill levels, learning preferences and may live in other parts of the world. The type of training an employee may need can also vary depending on their role or department.

Machine learning can be used to develop more personalized learning experiences for individual users in two different ways. Machine learning can be used to provide adaptive learning. This where the AI is used to analyze individual learner needs to develop personalized learning journeys. The program collects data to determine which courses are the most relevant for different learners improving the employee experience.

Machine learning also helps to automate learning paths. If you have designed learning paths for different roles within your company, you can use machine learning to assign a series of courses for that specific path. For example, you can automate an entirely different set of courses for employees with other jobs like customer service reps and employees in an IT department.

Providing Recommendations for Self-Guided Learning

Today employees want more development opportunities. They want training that goes beyond basic compliance. Machine learning helps to provide more opportunities to employees while lightening the workload of your human resources department. Much like how Netflix recommends other shows you might want to binge-watch, machine learning can recommend other courses your employee may be interested in.

Improving Training Efficiency

Utilizing machine learning can also help your organization improve the efficiency of your corporate training programs. Personalized learning experiences can increase the time to proficiency of new skills by eliminating irrelevant content. With personalized learning journeys, employees only take the most relevant courses to their individual needs.

Machine learning also makes it easy to track learner patterns and behaviors that can provide you with key insights. These insights can be used to make optimizations or updates when needed.

Final Word

Today employee learning and development have become an essential part of future business strategies. HR functions have changed, and digital transformation has taken off. Many modern enterprise organizations look for ways to level up their employee development programs and cater to modern learners’ needs. Utilizing machine learning in your eLearning programs can help businesses achieve this goal.

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