The learning and development (L&D) industry has seen unprecedented changes in the past few years. Almost every organization has had to confront the changing industry dynamics and their influence on human resources, employees, and L&D activities. This pushed the L&D teams to devise new and innovative strategies to meet the new corporate L&D goals.

Organizations have begun to co-source initiatives they lack in-house and develop skills to satisfy the ever-changing demands of their workforce. This included the strategy, development, analytics, and other components lacking from their present L&D model.

Here is where managed learning services came into the picture with the ability to unlock human potential at each level of L&D. Managed learning services refer to outsourcing training activities and services. One of the functions of managed learning services providersthat gained due attention was supplier management services.

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What are learning supplier management services?

The success of an L&D is contingent on its capacity to build an engaging learning environment, leading to significant performance improvement of the employees. Today, almost every organization employs training suppliers to manage a fraction of this learning experience or take care of a complete employee learning lifecycle.

According to LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report, 64% of L&D experts observed their organization’s culture of learning become more robust during the previous year.1

Supplier management is vital for organizations requiring external resources for learning. A supplier management services provider is a trusted third-party organization taking care of the complete training needs of an organization.

The most challenging aspect of sourcing training is selecting and retaining the best suppliers for the task. Managed learning service provider comes to the rescue. They have vast experience working with the market’s leading trainers and providers. They know who provides the best quality and has the highest satisfaction rates. L&D teams can collaborate with the managed learning service provider to save the time spent maintaining relationships.

At Infopro Learning, we are committed to offering a robust supplier management services program to our clients and partners. We become an extension of your team to deliver innovative and consistent learning outcomes while managing your learning spending and enhancing your learning experience across the organization.

Training suppliers’ learning management system services have generated proven benefits for the organizations. You can read the benefits of an external training delivery provider in our previous blog.

Managing learning supplier engagements – An essential checklist

Many things have been heard from both buyers and suppliers about their failed engagements. Managing suppliers, you trust to work with your people, reflect the reputation of L&D, and ultimately change behavior takes a bit of time. A 360-degree approach is imperative to win the supplier engagement and management game.

The following things should be kept in mind for managing learning supplier engagements:

    • Assess the supplier’s cultural compatibility with your business
    • Choose suppliers based on their capabilities rather than their prices
    • Treat suppliers as partners and make them feel empowered
    • Define, articulate, and communicate expectations clearly
    • Maintain regular, consistent communication with the suppliers

Why is Infopro Learning your perfect partner for learning supplier management services?

Our learning supplier management services will keep you linked with your organization’s current priorities and help you achieve your long-term goals. Our supplier management services program encompasses a variety of capabilities to provide a comprehensive client solution.

These capabilities include learning strategy and administration, instructor facilitation, vendor management, and analytics & management. In addition to this, we have a managed learning services framework (image shown below) that has a proven result of maximizing profits for an L&D organization by managing the end-to-end execution for an organization.


Our learning outsourcing framework was designed primarily for global organizations seeking an end-to-end L&D service provider, but it can be customized to meet the organization’s specific needs.

The five components of our managed learning services framework are described below:

      • Strategy: We provide a holistic strategy to connect multiple aspects such as technology, content, training methods, administration, compliance, and learner expectations.
      • Technology: We provide a full range of learning management system software as a service that is tailored to modern businesses. Unlock Learn and Unlock OKR are our flagship products with a proven track record of unleashing a learner’s true potential.
      • Learning administration and sourcing: We handle all logistics, setups, scheduling, service desk, production, course marketing/demand generation, and LMS administration.>
      • Content: We assist organizations in developing immersive learning content that is strategically designed to promote maximum learning engagement and transfer of skill and knowledge.
      • Training service and delivery: We have a well-established global network of learning consultants capable of providing sustainable training delivery solutions.


Managing suppliers that you can rely on to engage with your employees, reflect the reputation of L&D, and eventually alter behavior is a time-consuming endeavor.

With Infopro Learning, you can communicate with suppliers and form long-term, profitable partnerships. Eventually, these strategic alliances are essential for establishing successful training programs that unlock the true potential of an organization.

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