There are two major shifts that are currently creating a huge demand for leadership. The first is the ongoing digital transformation of work. Technology and automation are changing the kinds of skills and jobs that are available.

Many of today’s jobs require soft skills. In fact, 44% of executives think employees are lacking critical soft skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking (1).

The second is the leadership skills gap. 77% of organizations are currently experiencing a leadership skills gap (2). As the leaders in the baby boomer generation continue to retire organizations are investing in leadership development programs to close this gap to secure the future of their businesses.

However, a new approach to leadership development is needed for these training programs to be successful. Modern leaders need different attributes to be successful leaders than the leaders before them.

Infopro learning has more than 20 years of experience in creating corporate training program that unlock human potential. We have worked with numerous industry leaders to develop business aligned learning solutions to help them overcome some of their toughest challenges.

We have designed a new leadership development framework with a holistic approach to help businesses equip their employee with the leadership skills they need for success.

Evolutionary Development Framework Highlights

This leadership development model goes beyond simple behavior changes. Our framework addresses the mindset shift that influences behavior changes and the processes needed to create change.Each of the four pillars can be utilized to create leadership training for all levels of leaders including first time leaders, mid level and senior leadership. The framework has 4 different pillars that each focus on a different attribute that is essential to the leadership development process.

The first attribute is the ability to adapt to change. The second attribute is the ability to assist and motivate others to grow and adapt to change. The third is to inspire and motivate others. The fourth attribute is to have the ability to self-reflect and have the willingness to learn more about the themselves.

Pillar 1 Adapt

This pillar begins with teaching leaders how to embrace the ongoing nature of change and how to use critical thinking to solve challenges. They learn to view processes with a different perspective and let go of old habits and ways of thinking. This will help them create and learn new ways to thrive in the age of evolving technology and digital disruption. This pillar is also where leaders learn how to guide others through change and promote innovation and creativity.

Pillar 2 Develop

The next step is to learn how to guide and help others develop new skills through communication and collaboration. These developing leaders learn how to engage their teams and motivate them to work together to come up with ways to thrive in today’s continuously changing environment.

Pillar 3 Inspire

The inspiration pillar is about building a foundation of understanding and teaching learners motivational strategies they can use to unleash the potential of their teams. They strengthen their facilitation skills and learn how to have deeper discussions that lead to change.

Pillar 4 Reflection

Self-reflection and personal growth is the final pillar. Developing leaders focus on learning more about themselves and how they work best with others. Through self-reflection they can improve their skills as well as develop necessary new ones.

Results Highlights

Implementing a successful leadership training program will set your organization up for a successful future in more ways than one. Organizations who invest in developing their leaders have seen up to 114% increase in revenue (3). Effective leadership can also lead to 70% decrease in employee turnover as well as increased customer satisfaction and lower rates of employee sick days (3).

Effective leadership development is essential to the future success of your business, but potential leaders today need a whole new skill set to thrive in the constantly changing digital age. Infopro Learnings evolutionary framework for leadership development is centered around the four pillars of the exact attributes the leaders of the future will need.

Leaders with the ability to adapt to change, develop their teams skills, inspire innovation and self reflect will be able to guide their teams through digital disruption. To learn more about our evolutionary framework for leadership development read the eBook The Guide to Evolutionary Development.

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