Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, but not when performance is at status quo. But what happens when the employees’ performance is not the only issue? With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and its propagation in 2021, Learning and Development (L&D) became paramount for the survival and growth of a company. Most businesses had to rethink and refocus on improving business performance through upskilling and reskilling.

Many Organizations realized that it was more effective to work with external partners for cost-effective programs. External managed learning service providers bring in varied resources that organizations usually struggle to develop in-house. This strategy is referred to as Managed Learning Services or MLS. The strategy of managed learning service reinforces every aspect of the organization’s training program and facilitates the overall learning experience.

With the volatile economy and the uncertainty we are facing, many companies have opted for outsourced training because it frees up management from having to do time-consuming administrative tasks while also reducing costs. It is convenient, too, as outsourced services can be utilized to provide virtual training, and employees can plan their training according to their schedule. When training is readily available to employees, at their time of need, in the amount they need, and on the technology they use every day, the company will reap the benefits of Managed Learning Services.

Benefits of Managed Learning Services

With recent changes in the economy, the benefits of training outsourcing have increased noticeably. With Managed Learning Services, businesses can concentrate on their main activities instead of focusing on finding quick fixes. Some of the benefits of MLS are:

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

A Managed Service provider can assist in applying post-training activities, which help businesses maximize training and its impact on company operations, culture, etc.

Controlled Training Cost

A considerable amount of company time and resources are invested in these programs. That’s why hiring a Managed Service provider can help identify and reduce these hidden costs. It creates the greatest value for your training spends which frees up funds for additional training initiatives.

Wide Range of Expertise

Implementing Managed Learning Services can help develop new training plans for the organization and align the training spend to business objectives.

eLearning Content

Managed Learning Services can also help an organization with a content makeover. Revamping available learning content and converting it for multiple uses, such as learnes’ guide, training manual, assessments, and so on.

Focusing on Outcomes with Managed Learning Services

The Future of Managed Learning Services

Organizations must consider what their MLS partner can offer. A provider must foresee the future needs of the company and be prepared to guide them.

In the era of digital technology, MLS can keep up with learning trends not only from an awareness perspective but also by having practical, hands-on experience using the latest innovative tools; resources with the most in-demand skill sets; and the expertise to guide employees along their transformation journey.

Companies must acknowledge that change is continual. They should develop an infrastructure that is adaptable, agile, and committed to uninterrupted improvement to be effective and remain relevant to the business. Managed Learning partners can help organizations achieve that and much more.


Managed Learning Services have increased in popularity over the past few years due to tighter budgets, reduced resources, and the challenges of modernizing and improving the way learning is offered within a company. Businesses are focused on ways to become more agile to meet the changing needs of the market and business. Training outsourcing provides organizations the flexibility to manage training priorities competently and identify operational efficiencies while reducing training-related costs and risks.

Managed Learning Services is the perfect solution for organizations with L&D departments that want additional resources, streamline processes, and the best value learning and training.

Coping with the rising pressure to train more with less, companies turn to learning partners to increase the efficacy of their training activities. To learn more about how you can drive performance and outcomes with training, download and read our brochure on Managed Learning Transformation

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